A little bit about Jay


Photos by Jay Gunter.



After years of wanting to be a photographer I finally took the plunge. I was an avid film guy from the days of high school but I had no way to keep up with things until digital came along. I decided it was time to buy my first DSLR and after two years with an entry level camera it was time to upgrade and get serious. Don't get me wrong I did some amazing work with that little camera but I decided it was time to step up to the big leagues.

One of the reasons I decided to take on weddings was because of my own experience with a so-called "professional" wedding photographer. To make a long story short when paying as much as you do for wedding photography you should get what you paid for. So I'm dedicating my time to be the most upfront and trustworthy wedding photographer around.

I'm inspired by many forms of photography. Portrait, landscape, city and all forms of family photos.

Photography services available for Hamilton to Toronto and Niagara regions.